Monday, February 9, 2015

It was not his first haircut, but it was his first lollipop.

I gave Judah a haircut last week and he sat so nicely.  I gave Isaac and him a lollipop as a reward for being still and good for their haircuts.

I probably cut two inches off his hair.  It was getting long.

Now he points to the top of the fridge where we keep the lollies saying, "Pop pop."  I always make him sit in his highchair for them.  Poor guy can't have most of the desserts and chocolate we are constantly eating in front of him, so this is his special treat along with frosted animal cookies.

Drew's hair had started to bother him as well, but Brian would not allow me to trim it.  His mom came to visit and gave him a trim even though Brian thought he'd be fine without one.  When I told Drew that his Nanna was going to cut his hair when she came to visit he said, "Oh thanks Mom for letting me get my hair cut so it won't be in my eyes anymore."

This is the before picture for reference.  It doesn't always look this amazing.  Unfortunately boys are crazy and mess their hair up very quickly.  This was just a short time after a shower.

And after!

This was not his first lollipop, obviously.

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