Friday, February 27, 2015

I don't think you're ready for this yet.

It's another boy!  

If you've lost count, that is two girls and four boys to make our fabulous eight.  I promised I'd reveal the name today as well.  If he had been a girl it would have been Josephine Cecilia, but he's a boy.  So it is going to be Robert Cecil.  We plan to call him Bob or Bobby from the get go.  It is a good fit for Brian and I because it is an ordinary name which Brian likes, but an unusual name in my generation and the next generation which I like.  The thing I always disliked about my own name was not the name itself, but the commonality of it.  I was always one of at least three Kelle's (granted, it was never spelled that way) in any group or school I ever went to.  I had to have something extra tacked onto my name to distinguish me from all the other Kelle's.

Back to Robert Cecil, Robert is after St, Robert Bellermine who played a major role in the Counter-Reformation.  If you don't know about him or the Counter-Reformation, you should read about it.  Beware though, it might turn you Catholic if you're not already.  ;)  Just kidding!

Cecil is after my dear grandfather who was an architect and died when I was in 6th grade.  His name was Cecil Miller and he went by C.M. I am told because he didn't like his own name.  So, all these boys and I have been hesitant to use his name because of that.  I love the name, but it doesn't sound super awesome with Smith after it, so I was not going to use it as a first name for that reason.  But this time I was determined to include it no matter the gender of my baby.  (Cecilia for a girl though.)  I have so many wonderful memories of my grandfather sitting patiently with me at his dining room table teaching me to draw dog houses and train tracks using perspective.  He had a huge influence on me that I will never forget, and I am so glad to be able to use his name for my son.

The snow almost foiled my ultrasound appointment, but thankfully it was at 11am and all appointments after 10am were kept.   The kids stayed with our friends and neighbors and all their kids since it was a snow day for the public schools today.  My girls made it clear that I was to bring home something pink or blue to reveal the gender like I did the last two times.  I stopped int he hospital gift shop and picked up rubber bracelets for them.  The girls' bracelets said, "It's a boy!" and the boys' bracelets said, "I'm a big brother!"  They were all blue!  When I pulled them out of my pocket, Hannah almost cried (and would have had we been at home and not in front of her friends.  The girls were disappointed to say the least.  They've been praying hard for a girl.  Genna said she was working on getting over it.  Hannah's still moping.  The boys didn't mind, but it's going to be a full room if ever they all have to share.  As for Brian and I, we were hoping for a girl, but really who can complain about any healthy bundle of joy?  I am so very blessed to have so many to love.  Having lots of kids is good for the heart.  It just keeps getting bigger.  I wouldn't change a thing.


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How exciting! It's going to be a rowdy house!