Sunday, February 22, 2015

Our Gummy Bear

Gummy bear, A.K.A. my unborn child, started kicking on my birthday, February 3rd.  He or she has been moving ever since.  My ultrasound is scheduled for next Thursday.  Keep an eye out for the big gender reveal.  Everyone would prefer a girl, except for Drew who decided it would be awesome to have three brothers share his room.

However, Brian and I are better prepared this time and have a name ready for either a boy or a girl.  Shocker, I know!  We stumbled upon the boy name since my husband really likes to put off the whole name talk.  I enjoy it, as do most normal people.  :)  No, I'm no going to post what those names are just yet.  Let's wait until next week and I'll tell both names.

A girl would be a nice change of pace around here.  I'd get to dress someone up again since my girls are long past letting me do it willingly.  A boy though would slide right in with little preparation needed.  We have tons a boy clothes, whereas I got rid of a lot of the girl stuff and only kept my favorites.  The noise and the dirt may just overwhelm me though.  :)

Anyway, prayers for next Thursday are much appreciated because a healthy baby of any gender is what we truly desire!


The Pilots Wife said...

I have a friend that's maybe a week or two ahead of your pregnancy and they never find out the gender. That kills me!! Maybe you'll get one of each and can use BOTH names. :) It's a good thing I live a few states away or you might be plotting my death about now. May the peace of the Lord be with you all!

Mary Kirby said...

Blessings upon him or her!