Saturday, February 7, 2015

I love you!

Isaac noticed a man without a leg at the hospital while we were in the car the other day and asked me about it.  At our hospital there are many amputees and I took the chance to explain it to the children in hopes of avoiding them saying something in front of an amputee.  I ended the explanation with, "You should always treat them normally like you treat anyone else, but perhaps with a little extra kindness."  I was about to give examples of extra kindness as holding doors for them or letting them have the elevator, when Drew interjects, "Like tell them I love you?"  Water began to squirt out of my hormonal eyes immediately since this is not my typically sweet child.  He's funny.  He's full of personality, spunk, and charisma.  He's cute as heck.  But sweet is not an adjective I typically use to describe him.  So this conversation must be documented.

His dad makes a big deal over his hair being awesome, probably because he is jealous.  This, however, causes him who doesn't like to be cute or sweet to want to cut his hair.  He doesn't like all the attention he gets from his hair.  This is an irritated face because Dad is trying to get a cute picture after his shower when his hair is all curly.  He's still cute even when he is irritated.

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