Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bob is Two!

He is getting attached to his Elmo.  He sleeps with him and often takes him for car rides.  Elmo needs a bath.  I'm going to have to borrow him ASAP for a bath in the washing machine.

This boy is the cutest thing ever!  I love his personality, his sensitive heart, and his sweet nature, but he doesn't let anyone push him around either.  He's a doll;  the dimples and the blonde curls combined with the dark brown eyes absolutely kill me.

We got this John Deer tractor (sort of an ATV, but we call it a tractor) for free from someone moving back to the states, and I hid it for a bonus birthday gift.

Bob loves all vehicles, so I knew I finally had a reason to use this race car cake pan.  His favorite vehicles are motorcycles though.

He also got a bubble machine that I had actually bought for his Easter basket, but then couldn't find where I hid it.  I found it just in time for his birthday.  He had a good day.  First thing in the morning he went with just Mommy to get the a/c in the van fixed which ended up being something crazy minor, a loose wire, thankfully.  He got to look at lots of cars, even some right in the building where we waited.  He thought that was pretty cool.  We opened gifts and I made his favorite dinner, hot dogs and green beans.  Daddy was out of town on a work trip, but he got home the next day and we picked him up from the train station, packed and ready to go on a weekend trip.

At his two year well check, he weighed 26.6 lbs.  This is what Isaac weighed at one year, so our Bobby is a tiny one.  I haven't even gotten out his 2T clothes yet.

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