Saturday, August 12, 2017

Legoland for the Boys

We had a bit of a drive the next day to Legoland, so we didn't manage to get there when the park opened, but we were close.  This trip was for the four boys' birthdays (all four are between end of July and beginning of September) in place of a party, or four parties.  Pretty sweet deal for all parties involved, am I right?

So one time when Drew's kindergarten was taking him on a field trip (ON A TRAIN) without me, I was a little nervous about him getting separated from the group.  The teacher saw me putting my phone number in his backpack and told me that Germans write the phone number right on the child's arm with a pen.  Genius!  German phone numbers are so long they are hard to memorize, even for me, so this is perfect.
The first thing we did was the aquarium.  Everybody loved it!

Bob's about the same size as the scuba Lego dude.

Drew got inside the middle of this tank by crawling under and standing up into a dome.

Judah joined him.

Next up was our first ride, a Ninjago simulation, where you ride on a bench around and try to help the Ninjago warriors defeat bad guys and a giant cobra.  Turns out the cobra scared Bobby just a little, but not too bad.

While waiting in line for the Ninjago ride, they had areas for the kids to play Lagos and in this last part they could take pictures with this Ninjago person.

Then Dad took the biggest five on an Egyptian pyramid ride, and I took Bobby on a baby safari ride twice.  He would have gone on it a million times if I'd let him, but two was enough for me.

Selfie on the Safari
Then Daddy took Bob on a baby ride, while I took the biggest five on the "Log Ride" (this was called something else, but it is essentially the same as the old "Log Ride" at Six Flags that I used to fear every year, but sometimes got the courage up to do.  I figured this was the ride for me to take the big kids on since it wasn't a roller coaster or something crazy like that.   Isaac, Hannah, and Judah were all nervous during the long wait in line.  It really was too late to turn back at that point since Brian was long gone.  In the end, there wasn't enough room in one boat for all of us and Hannah and Isaac had to go in the next boat.  I felt so badly about that because I knew they were nervous.  To top it all off, the ride malfunctioned just as my boat (the first of the two we were in) got to the top.  We had to sit there and wait for a little bit.  Hannah and Isaac were at the bottom of the big hill ready to come up when it froze, but I couldn't see them and I was praying they weren't panicking.  

The ride started back up again and as we were getting to the edge before the big drop, I looked back and saw Hannah and Isaac coming up.  When Judah and I went down, you should've seen my precious three year old's face.  He looked like he was about to burst into tears from fear.  I told him not to cry and that it was all over and he didn't cry.  Poor guy!  I was proud of everybody being brave through it all though.  No one acted a fool like I did once upon a time when my parents were trying to get me on rides.

Brian took this of us on after we came down the slope on the "Log Ride."

The play area Daddy took Bobby to during our water ride.

Then we wandered through the Lego city part where we found many giant Star Wars scenes and characters made of Legos, as well as many cities and sites we've seen in real life which was fun.

Bob fell asleep on me and so  most of the kids played on a playground of sorts while I sat with Bobby and Brian took Genevieve on a spinning, high ride that no one else wanted to go on.  

Genevieve ready for take off on the spinning ride.
Then Daddy took the biggest five to try to do go carts, but they were somewhat unsuccessful.  Bob and I hopped on the Lego train to take a little tour of the park.

Somebody LOVED it!

Selfie on the Train
Then we had more time, so I took Bobby on a boat ride.  Another huge success in his little mind.  I like Legoland because we weren't stuck doing nothing while the big kids had all the fun with their dad.  There are so many rides for little ones.

Selfie on the Boat
Then we met up to hand Judah over to me and I took the two little boys on an airplane ride. Judah rode alone and Bob and I sat in the plane in front of him.

Judah was ready for take off!

And one more selfie of me and the Bobster

We did a couple more rides, but by this time we were winding down.  We made a run back to Ninjago Land to the store that Isaac and drew had picked out something to buy.  Drew used his own money, and Isaac had money from his Mimi earmarked for a Lego set at Legoland.  The rest of the kids each bought a minifigure or two that they built with their own money. Then we grabbed them all hot dogs on the way out since it was long past dinner and we a had another 45 minute drive to our next hotel.  Brian and I ate a delicious dinner at the hotel.

The girls rated Legoland a 7 and an 8, if I remember correctly.  I didn't even have to ask the boys.  The verdict was evident!

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