Sunday, August 13, 2017

Other News in July

While I was rocking Bobby and praying, I was praying for him to grow in holiness.  I was interrupted by this small voice that prayed, "I want to go to heaven."  I was so blown away by this little, not even two year old saying this that I shared it with Brian.  Genna heard me and said, "Yeah, I've been talking to him about heaven and how it's really awesome and we all want to go there."  At first I was kind of bummed that he isn't some amazing saintly prodigy, but Brian told her that was even better because that means she is teaching her brother good things and is becoming holier herself.

We are potentially going on a loud aircraft in the near-ish future and so we bough the kids noise reducing head phones.  I though Bob wouldn't like them or want them on, but he loves them!  He will just wear them for no reason around the house.  We all went up stairs to see something and then realized Bob didn't come with us.  I was calling for him and he didn't respond.  This is where we found him, happily playing on the balcony in his own quiet little world.

Our balcony flowers are doing MUCH better this year than last, but still they can't hold a candle to the Germans' flower boxes.  I am happy with the improvement.

On our altar, you can see a picture of a colorful cross on the right side of the picture.  Drew designed that and was so excited to tell me that this is the design we are going to spray paint on our big van.  I said that Daddy probably would let us do that and he insisted that Daddy said it was a good idea.  I didn't have the heart to explain sarcasm to him.  Poor guy!

I was missing my blue hair.  And at the end of July I put purple streaks in it.  I love it, even more than the blue.

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