Saturday, July 6, 2013

Beach Trip Part Three

On day 5, we had more great weather.  Drew hung out with Mimi and me on the beach.  He didn't go into the water much.  This was the most relaxing vacation I could hope for with this typically wild little man.  Who knew the ocean would be the best corral?

Unfortunately, the corral did not work for Isaac.  Isaac started getting time outs on the beach for wandering off.  He would just wander down the beach looking for a friend he had made the day before without telling anyone.  Thankfully, I got him a bright orange swim suit, and I could spot him a good distance away easily.  I don't know what got into him, but after a few time outs he was doing much better.

That afternoon, the girls all went shopping while the boys rested with Papa Boat.  I ended up being totally exhausted once we got shopping and mainly just found somewhere to sit while everyone else shopped.  Brian was thrilled that I bought nothing on my trip.  :)  The girls bought something with their money.  When I went up to the cashier with Genna, she had something to say to the cashier.  It was adorable!  She said, "Hi, my name is Genevieve.  I was just wondering why there are so many things with so many different names on it here and Genevieve is not on any of them.  I just think it is a pretty great name."  I got tears in my eyes because it was so cute.  We did end up finding something in another store that had "Jenna" on it and it said that it was "a form of Genevieve."

On day 6, it was super hot in the morning, but actually cold in the afternoon on the beach.  Lifeguards even had sweatshirts on in the afternoon.  Weird weather.  My sister took the big kids on a walk on the beach and Drew threw a huge fit when I stopped him from trying to follow them down the beach.  And I mean big.  The sad thing is my mom would have taken him on a short walk, but he immediately threw this gigantic fit that I wouldn't let her.  He eventually got distracted by some boats in the ocean.

We saw some dolphins swimming and jumping out in the ocean a few different days which was exciting.  The waves were pretty rough, and over the week we lost two hats and a bucket.  Since we didn't lose any kids to the sea, I call it a win.  I think everyone wiped out at least once, except for Isaac.  Hannah scraped her knee trying to rescue a bucket from the waves.

We tried the pool without Drew that day so we could all go in the big pool.  Isaac's new thing that day was floating unassisted on his back.  I couldn't talk him into 5 seconds this time though.  So it was less than 5 seconds, but he could have done it longer if he wasn't so afraid and tense.

That afternoon I helped the girls get started on their friendship bracelet kits that they have had for a long time.  It just takes a long time to sit down and teach them something like that so I figured the beach trip was the perfect place to bring them and try to teach them.  I couldn't believe we didn't get to it before day 6.  I went back over to Hannah to see how she was doing after I had helped her and then Genna.  I said, "Oh, but Hannah I think you were supposed to..."  Hannah interrupted with a quick deadpan, "I don't care."  I just laughed and said, "Okay."  When I told the girls we had to stop, Genna says, "Can't we do more?"

 Drew fell on the coffee table that evening as well, hit his chin, and bit his tongue on both sides really hard.  His mouth was full of blood.  Who does he choose to comfort him?  Not mommy.  Hannah.  She was more than happy to hold him while he sucked on a frozen washcloth.  (My nephew was teething so we already had on in the freezer.)  I could tell that Genevieve was a bit jealous, but she is such a trooper that she didn't say anything.

The last day we hit the beach once more in the morning with the kids.  Everyone had fun and Drew got to go on his walk with Mimi.  We went to dinner at a Mexican food place that night, packed, and cleaned up the house.  We left pretty early the next morning and hit the Sonic on the way home to get limeades for the kids and a slush for me.  The closest Sonic to our house is an hour away so this is quite the treat.  The girls had a birthday party that we just couldn't miss in the early afternoon and we made it with no problem.  On the way home we listened to A Little History of the World CD which was super fun for most of us.  Drew wasn't interested, of course, and Isaac declared it was very boring.  It is a full account of history from the beginning of time.  We only made it to Confucius during the trip so we have some more to listen to this summer for our review of ancient and medieval history.

Genna in all her jumping glory, this girl can jump waves!

All beached out and ready to go home!
Beach trip over and now we move on to the long, long to-do list before Tad's *hopefully* timely arrival in mid August.  I only have six weeks left until my due date!  I do have some more pictures from the beach though on my mom's camera.

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