Friday, July 5, 2013

Beach Trip Part Two

Somebody was ready to go to the beach!  I guess he liked it!  He didn't  like his hat at first, but started asking for it when he got hot and decided he liked it a lot.  Since the girls and I all got sunburns on our scalps, I am glad he wore it the whole time.

After another fun day at the beach and pool, the girls even napped.  This was mainly because I promised them they could stay up later and learn to play our family game, canasta, if they took a much needed nap.  Teaching them canasta has been a long anticipated event for them.  Brian and I just haven't had the time and stamina to do it.  They know how to play chess, so they are obviously equipt to play this game.

It was a lot of fun.  Hannah was on my team to "watch and learn," and Genna was on my sister's team.  They helped us out and were quick learners.  Genna was a clown as usual, waving to us to signify the end of her turn.  Since you need four people to play this game, we can play whenever we want now at home with Brian, the girls and myself.  Usually we just get to play when my family visits.

I should mention also that at the pool on day 3, Isaac progressed to putting his face in the water in his streamline position for 5 seconds.  It was slow going at first.

On day 4, Drew was getting braver at the beach, but then he was knocked down again by some waves.  The girls and Isaac found tons of shells and rocks to identify.  They were super excited to find a crustacean.

That night we went to a restaurant and got ice cream afterwards.  You could say that Genna's love for sweets was "written all over her face."  She was covered in chocolate ice cream.  It was on her dress, all over her face, and it even made it onto my sister's shorts somehow.  She was the only one that was a mess.  I fed Drew his, and you could barely tell that Isaac and Hannah had even had any ice cream.

The only other notable part of the day was the parking tickets we got for misunderstanding what our parking pass was for exactly.

I love these beauties!  I wouldn't trade a beach trip alone, however peaceful it may be, for all the fun and chaos we had all together.

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