Monday, July 8, 2013

Genevieve, The Comedian

Genevieve is constantly cracking jokes.  So much so that sometimes I just want to say, "Enough already!"  Usually it is cute and funny though.  The other night she had the whole family giggling through dinner, including Drew.  What's even funnier is that she has taken to making what I call Uncle David jokes.  Now if you don't know my Uncle David than I may need to explain that is basically a double meaning joke.  You say something and he asks a question or makes a statement deliberately assuming the other definition of the word.

I told her we were going to the two-story Target.  She replies, "Oh, do we get to hear two stories at Target then?"

The other day as we were leaving Buy Buy Baby, she kept waving and saying "Bye bye Baby."

For our timeline memorization the kids have hand signs to help them remember the lists.  Genna came up with a different sign for Neil Armstrong walks on the moon than the rest of the co-op.  The sign is that she kneels and shows her strong muscles.  I thought this was very clever and funny, but maybe I am a nerd.

Then she is sometimes accidentally funny.  She told us a story the other day about how a bug got on her leg at the pool (when she was there with friends.)  She said, "I screamed, but the bug didn't hear me.  So then Adrienne told me to jump in the pool so I did and then it flew away."  I have been laughing about this one ever since.  I thought she knew bugs didn't have ears, but I guess she missed that part of our invertebrate study.

Drew appears to be following in her footsteps.  He is always trying to do things again that made us laugh the first time.  He will do it over and over for each family member if asked to do so.

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