Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Big Changes Are Coming

I think he is finally getting the hang of the sleeping at night and he's having more good nap days than bad in the last week and a half.  He is still waking at 5:30am about half the time, but I am working on getting him back to sleep with me until 6:30am.  Last week and this week he has been able to do 3 naps most days.  If he wakes early from a nap, I wait about ten minutes to see if he'll go back to sleep.  If he doesn't then I try the swing to extend his nap a little but it doesn't always work.  I think that he is getting close to that time when things start to be more regular and scheduled.  Yay for schedules!

Physically, he seemed to make leaps and bounds overnight one day.  He is REALLY close to rolling from back to tummy which I always look forward to because then I stop swaddling and he can sleep on his tummy.  He just needs the tiniest nudge to get all the way over, so we are practicing.  :)

Plus, now he found his feet.  He can't seem to quite reach them while flat on his back, but he can sometimes get his socks then.  He has a big belly!  On our scale he is almost 19 lbs.

He definitely has some really fussy days when he seems to only want me for evenings and sometimes other parts of the day, but when he is not in one of those moods he lets his siblings hold and entertain him.  Isaac is the best entertainer since he is the least busy (and the most left out, unfortunately,) of all the kids.

Judah had one truly rock-star day last week on Friday that must go down in my blog history.  He woke up at 6:30am which is my goal, he took two long naps (between 1.5 and 2 hours) and his evening cat nap, and then at the restaurant for dinner he stayed in the car seat happily playing with a toy or his feet the whole dinner.  Since he is not always the easiest baby, I need to record this super duper rock-star day where he went beyond all of my expectations.  Someone was praying for this guy last Friday!

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