Monday, February 3, 2014

More Super Twos

Drew seriously wore his bibs backwards for two weeks.  He would just turn it around for mealtime.  I would trade it out for a clean one when it got too dirty. He even slept in it.  He likes to play Superman game with Isaac where they jump off a stool and run through the house pretending to fly.  (Running in the house is against the rules, technically, but it's so cute I can't bring myself to stop them.)  Don't worry, we have had countless talks about how he can't really fly and it is only pretend.  I am a little concerned he might actually try to fly, so I remind him a lot.

I have been humoring this little guy for long enough.  Since Judah was born he has started wanting me to do everything.  The girls had been helping with him a lot, but he suddenly didn't want them to do anything for him.  Well, I was always forcing him to let them buckle him in the car seat, but otherwise have been humoring him out of some kind of mommy guilt or something and because I miss his being my baby.  The honeymoon is over though.  Judah's 5 months and this has to stop.  I can't do all things for him and Judah all the time.  I was contemplating how I would make this transition since he was outright refusing to allow them to help him before.  Then I had a revelation after talking this out with a friend of mine.  I was forcing him to let them buckle him in, so I can force him to let them bathe him, dress him, take him potty, get him a drink, etc.  He is my controlling little guy and likes to feel like he is making all the decisions, so I give him two choices.  "Drew, let Genna brush your teeth or I am putting you to bed without your story."  Voila!  He does it immediately.  I call on Genna to do more of the help at home because Hannah is burnt out being the big helper sometimes.  However, Hannah is his designated buddy when we are out of the house because she has more control over him physically and she is good at manipulating him into doing what she says.  Genna is my helper with Judah most of the time out of the house, but Isaac also helps and takes his turns with him.  Everyone helps with him at home.

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