Friday, February 14, 2014


 We got 18 inches or more of snow this past week.  That is more than we have seen in a long time.  Getting everyone suited up is a process to say the least.  Sneak peak at the snow prep chaos...

The first steps into the snow

Drew was saying, "Daddy, I not walk in this snow."

Hannah was cooling herself off and burying herself in the snow.  Apparently, 30 degrees is not cold enough for my kids to wear a coat and snow bibs, but I made them anyway.

Packing down some snow and making a spot to get the sled going at the top of the hill.
 They went to our neighbor's house to sled.  Their front yard is one big hill that goes into the street.  I had a panicky response to that, but then Brian reminded me that no cars could even drive on the roads in our neighborhood since no plow made it through until well into the afternoon.

Walking up with the sleds

My van!

Brian built this snow bar and bench.   The neighborhood congregated here for the whole afternoon. 

This was what we woke up to Thursday morning, and Friday it was still pretty treacherous, so Brian got two days off work and our co-op was cancelled.

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