Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Motherhood Lesson #3,025: Label your bag of valentine cards!

The lessons just keep coming!  Why do you label the brown paper sack full of valentine cards that all the children so dutifully and diligently filled out?  The answer is that on trash day, your husband may assume you left a bag of trash on the kitchen counter and lovingly take it out to the curb with all the trash.  Then you may not notice it is missing from the kitchen counter (because maybe it is cluttered, okay!) until the afternoon when the trash man came and took your valentines and your children's hearts with him.  I may have been more upset than the kids were.

However, I would have been in a full-fledged fit if they had been the homemade ones that Genna and I spent a week making.  Luckily, they were not finished yet and so were not in the bag yet.

These were majorly labor intensive pencil toppers!  I got the idea from The Idea Room.

I know my limitations sometimes and I knew that I couldn't do 4 sets of homemade valentines, so I bought premade ones (twice in the end since the first batch was thrown away) and chose Genna, my most patient crafter and Olaf's biggest fan, to make these cute valentines with me.  She was able to trace the patterns, do the tags, and draw (with marker) the rest of him.  I had to cut out 30 bodies, eyes, and arms, 15 noses, teeth, and cheek pieces.  Then I had to hot glue them together even though Genna really wanted to use that gun.  They were tiny pieces, and I knew burned fingers didn't make good valentine hander-outers so I did that part too.

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