Saturday, February 1, 2014

The New Arrangement

I mentioned a while back that we swapped our living rooms so that we could make more room for our giant curvy couch and to work in our school desks better.  Here's the photos of it.  I love it!  It is easier to keep tidy and there is much more room for when we have guests.  Superbowl party is tomorrow, so we get to try it out on our first big party.
We moved the cream couches back in here, but in a different place than before.  We moved the toy bins into the "kitchen" area since the table is in the basement now and we do all our eating in the dining room now.

Drewy has a little desk in the corner for coloring, snacks, and preschool stuff.

The desks are in front of the fireplace and also lit by the window which has been nice.

The altar is in the same room as the desks and fireplace for nightly prayers.

Since the toys are in the kitchen area, this was free for the short couch and Judah's pack n play.

Now look at the difference this made for our couch!  So much more room and all the seats can be used!

The TV was the hardest part to move because Brian had to pull a cable from an upstairs room to hook it up without getting the cable people out here.  Plus it messed up the wall when we took it down.  I have to patch up some paint and drywall above the fireplace.

The bookshelf stayed put.

Judah's picture was added to the wall too.

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