Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Buzz Buzz

I gave the three boys their buzz cuts again, plus one neighbor boy.  I cut Judah's hair first with a number 1 because he still has a bald spot from sleeping on his back and the rest of his hair had grown out again.  Then I picked up the razor thinking I had changed the blade attachment and started cutting Isaac's hair.  Oops!  I liked it just fine, but I was a tiny bit worried that Brian wouldn't.  He thought it was fine and wouldn't have noticed that it was shorter than normal.  

Drewy had a hard time with his haircut this time.  He has never caused a fuss, but he has been in a scared phase right now and he kept saying it was going to hurt...in Drew language, of course, which is "It going owie, Mom."  He made it through, but caused so much trouble I was a mean mom and wouldn't give him his lolly afterwards.  I've heard that some moms actually give rewards just for participating.  :)  No really I kind of regretting ever telling him that he had to stop ducking his head away from me or he wouldn't get a lollipop.  You moms out there know what I am talking about.  A threat you think will actually work slips out of your mouth, then it doesn't work and you have to do what you said to show that you really will do what you say in all situations.  I especially regretted it when the above mentioned neighbor child screamed and ducked during his haircut and his mom totally gave him a participation lollipop.  To be fair though, he is younger than Drew by a year and it was his first haircut.

I love baldy boys!  Truth be told, I wish my husband would shave his head nearly bald too.  :)

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