Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Happy Birthday Daddy!

For my birthday, Brian surprised me with a babysitter and a dinner and movie.  For Brian's birthday we went out on Sunday evening to one of his favorite brew pubs for dinner.  We waited until Sunday because they have free kid's meals on Sundays there and they have a limit of TWO per entree instead of the typical one per entree.  This is just about the only place we can go and get all four of the (eating) kids a kid's meal for free despite the many places that advertise free kid's meals.  They always have fine print where we only end up with two kid's meals free.

I digress.  The girls waited until the very last possible moment to start their gifts for Brian this year and they needed help with the duct tape projects.  Hannah made a plastic bag dispenser for him, and Genna made a wallet for him (shown here.)  It was her idea to decorate it with a gun.  I had to cut the gun out of black duct tape with my rotary cutter.  In fact, I had to do a good portion of the projects since they aren't quite old enough or experienced enough to understand the directions.  Even I had to read the directions a good five times to understand exactly which way to turn things, etc.  I made a new rule that birthday gifts must be made two weeks in advance from now on.

I forgot to mention that I received a Rainbow Loom necklace from Hannah and a duct tape tote bag from Genna.  However, the tote bag couldn't be more crooked and lopsided if she had actually tried to make it crooked and lopsided.  Guess daddy didn't help her follow the directions and measure the tape. 

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