Saturday, March 1, 2014

A Tea Party

The birthday girl is the princess at the head of the table!

Look at the beautiful cake!  Hannah and Genna had a wonderful time.  They tied for first place in the first game and decided to share the prize instead of do a tie breaker.

The birthday girl's brothers served as butlers/ushers. 

Isaac was a butler too.  They stole the show with their mustaches and ear pieces.

Hannah is ushered to her seat for the tea luncheon.

Look at Isaac in the corner with the tea towel on his arm.

Drew joined us halfway through and tried on the mustache.

He was banished to the servant's table for his lunch.  :)

Pinata fun in the mud

Genna was the one who busted it open.  Hannah didn't get a turn.  Strong little girls!

Chaos Candy Grab
The birthday girl loves Frozen and Anna and received many gifts surrounding that theme, including the wig to go with her costume!

Rumor is she wants to wear it to school.

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