Wednesday, March 19, 2014

In Memory of Miscarried Babies

A friend of mine miscarried recently.  It was her fifth miscarriage, and I really wanted to make something for her to remember the babies.  I thought of this when I found the pattern for a smaller quilt square in a quilting magazine.  I made her an enlarged version of the square to hang on her wall.  It is not at all perfect.  I am quite the inexperienced, rushed, and the "I'm not ripping all that out for that one tiny mistake!" kind of quilter for this phase in my life.  So if you are a quilter or just a perfectionist, like my husband (okay and maybe myself), then you may see the mistakes.   I, however, am going with the "It's the thought that counts!"  motto and the "I have 5 children, I homeschool 3 of them, I need to feed my people (which includes a very hungry 6 month old,) I need the house to be somewhat organized and clean, and I am way behind on all kinds of stuff." excuse.  Plus, my friend is one of those people who truly appreciates everything, so I know it will be well-loved despite my mistakes.

The names of each baby are enbroidered on the squares that make up the house.  On the roof it has their last name and the word saints written after it.  I chose some left over fabrics specifically for their pattern or color.  The sky background is blue with stars.  The green plaid is to be the grass.  The gray pattern is to represent a road or porch.  

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The Pilots Wife said...

That is a really thoughtful gift! You are a sweet friend. Prayers for your friend and all those tiny sized saints!