Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Genna's 1st Reconciliation

Genevieve received her First Reconciliation last Monday night.  She had been fairly nervous in the months leading up to this day, but we did a lot of talking about it, different examination of consciences with the whole family, and even a practice run through with Isaac as the priest.

Genna planned to go behind the screen so we set up our pretend confessional using the pantry door.  They had scripts that I typed out.  I wrote some common kids sins and a couple of crazy ones that I know she hasn't done.  Hannah did the first practice run with Isaac since she is an old pro at this now so Genna could watch.  Then Genna gave it a go.  She's smiling because, "it feels weird calling Isaac Father."
Everything went well.  She ran back and was the first one in the confessional which was quite different from Hannah being indecisive about which line to get in and being almost last.  She felt Great! afterwards she said.  We carried on the tradition of getting Frostys from Wendys after for all the kids and giving her flowers.  Instead of a family dinner before like last year, we did a lunch with friends (their daughter was receiving her sacrament as well) earlier in the day.

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