Friday, March 21, 2014

Hey Jude: 7 months

 Judah has been doing better with his sleeping just the last 5 days or so.  I hesitate to even record this since he has gone through short periods of sleeping well only to return to waking at night or waking insanely early in the morning again for long periods.  He can't seem to get that average that I think he needs.  Anyway, I going to record it if for no other reason than for me to look back at when I feel like the lack of sleep will last forever.  With the exception of today this has been his schedule for almost a week.

Wake and nurse @ 6/6:30am
 Nap @ 8:30am
Wake and nurse @ 10:30am 
Nap @ 12:30pm
Wake and nurse @ 2pm 
Nap @ 4pm
Wake @5pm
Nurse and eat solids @5:30pm
Bedtime @7:20pm
Nurse @10pm

This week we tried oatmeal, pears, and carrots.  Pears were the favorite of the three, but still only ate about half of a jar in one sitting.  I mashed some carrots from my homemade chicken soup and he ate a few of those.   Oatmeal was a total flop though, both baby oatmeal and  real oatmeal blended up.  He loves the bananas in the mesh eater though.

He likes sitting better.  He still tips eventually, and I am putting the Boppy behind him.  He enjoyed the tupperware cabinet a couple times the week.

His rash is better some days.  Still watching it.

The biggest change for him though has been that we are not swaddling him and he is sleeping on his tummy now.  I had him in a sleep sack that has one arm sewn up as a transition, but he is really not needing that.  Yay for tummy sleeping!  Right before that I moved him out of his bassinet and into the pack-n-play since Drew is still using his crib.  We almost have the boys' bunk beds set up, but I am holding off a little longer before moving Drew out of the crib.  He's a stubborn guy sometimes and I don't want to risk bedtime battles when everything is going so well the way it is.

Speaking of Judah and Drew, these boys are polar opposites.  Drew was a great eater and sleeper.  Judah is neither of those.  Drew was super loud.  Judah isn't too loud of a babbler.  Judah's cry is awful to listen to, whereas, Drew's was no big deal.  Judah cries more than Drew did.  Judah like you to sing to him.  Drew really didn't and still doesn't like singing.   Drew screamed when people kissed and hugged him.  Judah squeals with delight.   Judah is sensitive and gets startled and scared easily, but Drew has always been tough.  So different!

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