Monday, March 3, 2014

A Wedding in West Virginia: 5 children will attend

Crazy!  The bride even had little bags with things to do for the children at the reception.  I was worried that our kids would be some of the only kids there, but there were tons.  In fact, this was the most packed wedding I have ever been to.

Mistake #1 for me at this wedding is defying the laws of nursing and wearing a dress that zips up in the back.  I've done it once before and I managed okay, but this time Judah was not nearly so patient.

Mistake #2  was thinking Judah would take a nap at the reception when he was already off schedule.  He was great during the actual wedding, but he screamed a lot during the reception.  Luckily, there was a big, clean  bathroom with chairs.  I spent a good amount of time in there during the quieter moments of the reception.  Drew pretended to be different super heroes, entertaining people as they washed their hands, while I nursed, changed, or calmed Judah.  Once the party got started and the noise level was high, I was able to push him in the stroller for a couple of minutes while he cried himself to sleep.  He was overly tired for sure.

The girls were watching the bride.

Dancing fools

This guy was so tired by the end he was just rolling around on the dance floor.  He wouldn't let me hold him.  I was afraid he was going to be stepped on by some high heels or something, so it was time to go.

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