Saturday, March 8, 2014

Band of Brothers

I love these pictures!

I love these boys!

Seriously, how does a mother not absolutely die from loving her children too much!

Its truly a miracle.  Judah can scream like no other and need only me to hold him while I am doing six other things and wake me up before the crack of dawn, but that smile with that dimple makes me want to hug and squeeze him to pieces.  Oh and don't forget the eyes!

Drew can tell me he doesn't miss me or pretty much say anything in the world and I think he is the cutest thing ever!  His personality is a winner, this kid.  He is going to make things happen.  He's the only kid that I have to discipline a million times a day and I am trying not to kiss him as I am carrying him to timeout.

Isaac is the slowest of slow!  He doesn't listen and drives me bonkers, but his cheeks are the softest and he is the first one to offer me a piece of his chocolate candy.  I love him so much!  I'm betting on him being a really great husband even though he wants to be a priest like St. John Bosco.

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