Saturday, December 12, 2015

4 Month Well Check (heavy on the pictures)

Bobby's well check was on the feast of the Assumption and so afterwards we headed to Mass at the hospital.  Brian was able to meet us there.  Bobby promptly fell asleep in exhaustion from his appointment and immunization hullabaloo and slept through Mass.

Bobby weighed 18 lbs like I thought he did.  Again I didn't write down the length and can't remember it.  I've got to get better at that!  He's a healthy, chubby guy overall.  He got his shots in good company because all his siblings needed shots as well.  Most just got the flu shot, but Drew needed one other he was missing since he is enrolled in the school for his speech therapy.  Everyone faced their shots with bravery except for my tough guy, Drew.  I will never understand that kid. He is, by far, my toughest and bravest kid, but we had to hold him down for shots.

Eyes are nearly brown/hazel now

Bobby continues to be happy and cheerful nearly all of the time.  He's still not sleeping through the night like he was before we flew over the Atlantic, but oh well!  Otherwise, he's an angel as always.

He's super tolerant!

On his 4 month birthday

Judah's a cheek toucher.  :)

Love this brother picture!

Bobby Love is in not short supply here!

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