Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Strasbourg Not So Christmas Market

Tuesday we got right back in the car and van to head to Strasbourg, France.  It was supposed to be one of the few places still doing a Christmas market for the whole week.  However, when we arrived well after it should have been underway we found it suspicious that none of the stalls were open yet.  They were all boarded up.  As we walked around looking for signs that we weren't crazy and there really was supposed to be a Christmas market there, we saw people taking down some of the stalls.  All the signs (and online) said it still was going until the new year, but I guess they decided to close up several days early.

Here's the closed up carousel.
Sooo, change of plans.  We wandered the streets of Strasbourg looking at the Christmas decorations and trying to find a place to eat.  We stopped at a bakery to get the kids a little snack until we could find a restaurant.  They had giant brioche gingerbread men that my kids loved.

Very pretty style of buildings
For our late lunch we ate flammkuchen, an emmentaler cheese (a kind of swiss) salad, and gluhwein to warm us up.
And, of course, a beautiful cathedral is in almost every big city in Europe.

Famous and old clock in the cathedral

Good news though, the carousel did eventually open and Drew got his promised ride.

Does it get any better than those cheeks (Bobby's, not mine!) and a cathedral in the same picture?

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