Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Another Christmas Market

 This time we went to Bernkastel Kues which is a pretty short drive from us.  They had fireworks and an Advent calendar on the side of a building that they reveal a new window each night.  So much of the Christmas market scene is the same, but this was different from the others we have seen.

Advent Calendar
The best thing about this particular night was that it was unseasonably not freezing.  I wouldn't say that it was warm exactly, but I forgot my coat and was fine with a little gluhwein to warm me up now and then.

We were double baby wearing as usual, so that is why you don't see Judah when Brian's taking the picture.  I get Bobby since he needs to nurse on the go sometimes.  Luckily, I mastered the "nursing in the Ergo" thing long ago.

See there!  I am nursing Bobby, drinking gluhwein, and getting my picture taken all while strolling through the Christmas market.  I'm making it look easier than it really is.

The fireworks scared Drew and Judah.  Both were covering their ears and asking to go.  It's due to a lack of exposure.  We haven't been to a fireworks show in a long, long time.  Bobby has never been one to be scared of loud noises (unless he's overly tired, in which case a sneeze could set him off) and he did fine.

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