Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Rome Sweet Home: Part 4 (The last one, I promise!)

I mentioned in part 3 that we went to Santa Maria Maggiore in between the baptism and the Mass of thanksgiving (AKA celebration for Bobby entering the Church.)  That post got way too long and had an insane amount of pictures so I am including some pictures of that here as well as the Trevi Fountain and the Spanish steps which we visited after the Mass.

Santa Maria Maggiore

Seriously cute!  I'm thinking Dead Poet's Society.  I told him I am sending him to a fancy private school just so he can wear a tie and jacket everyday.
This is inside the Santa Maria Maggiore.  It is part of the actual manger inside a big fancy manger.  This is down steps  in front of the altar.

Across from the manger is this beautiful statue.

The Trevi Fountain was crazy crowded.  We couldn't get close enough to throw our coins over our shoulder.

The Trevi Fountain was all lit up and looked amazing.
My big girls...My, how they have grown!

Flashback to almost six years ago (January 2010)...Trevi Fountain with my tiny girls.

The Spanish steps were closed, but you could still see them and get a picture of them in the background.

That evening the two year olds disappeared at the apartment, and this is where we found them.

 And that was Rome.

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Kristen said...

Wow. You are my hero. I would never have made it through all of that with such a tiny baby!
I love Genna's outfit. She looks so elegant in the pictures! What a trek. I hope you guys are resting now!