Thursday, December 31, 2015

Local Christmas Market

We went to all these Christmas markets that took hours to get to and from and which one did the kids like the best?  The local one that was a 20 minute train ride into the city took first place in their hearts.  Hannah and Genevieve were able to use some of their German when we decided to let them start ordering for us, and I thought of questions for Hannah to ask people.

Never too old for a car ride?
We had some pretty tasty Bratwurst, Dampfnudeln, Gluhwein, Heisse Schokolad, Pom Frits, and I tried a frikadelle for the first time.  A frikadelle is almost like a meatloaf patty that they put on Brotchen.  It's probably not something I'll order again, but it was alright.

As it got dark, it grew very cold and near one group of stalls there was a nice warm fire by which we warmed ourselves.

The girls are pointing at all their friends and family in the USA.  Notice the sign!

The train ride home was warm and toasty after a cold day in the city.

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Laura said...

Sounds like you're having a great time!