Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Metz Christmas Market

Our first adventure began with the L family by heading to Saarbruecken to eat at a gin distillery/restaurant.  It was interesting because we had to take both our vehicles on all these day trips since we were 14 total and only have 12 seats in the van.  Then the restaurant had seating for about six people inside so we had to stand at tables outside.  Luckily, there was a pizza place across the walkway that had tables.  So we bought pizza for the children so that they could sit.  I had kaese spaetzle and Brian had currywurst.  

After that adventure, we hit the road to Metz.  This is our arrival shot while walking from the parking spot to the Christmas market while it was still light outside.

We went in the beautiful cathedral with amazing stained glass windows.

Here we were waiting for a turn to use the bathroom.  It was a self cleaning port-a-potty.  After someone came out, you had to wait until it closed and cleaned itself before you could put more money in and have it open for you.  We tried to get more than kid in with me to make this whole thing cheaper and faster.  There was barely enough room for the girls and I to stand in there, so it was...umm...crazy.

All the sudden, right about come time to eat fest food, I started feeling very nauseated.  The smell of the food went from making my mouth water to making me sick.  It started to smell overly creamy and buttery.  I got a toasted sandwich that I ended up giving away.  The rest of the night I felt yucky.  Luckily, it was a passing thing and the next morning I was feeling much better.

I was feeling super bad by this time.  Don't know why my husband got me in this picture.

Bobby screamed for 30 minutes on the way home while everyone else slept.  He never screams like that, so I don't know if he was just done with the whole thing or what, but he eventually went to sleep with the rest of them.

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