Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Decorating the Tree (at the right time this year!)

Normally, I am one of those who likes to decorate the tree when Advent begins.  But this year we didn't even have our stuff yet so it wasn't possible.  Brian got a tree as soon as we had keys to the house since we had sent ahead our tree stand with our linens and necessities.  Once our household goods did arrive I had a lot of important unpacking to do.  So the tree decorating was easy to put off until the day before Christmas Eve.  

We have high ceilings finally!  No tree trimming down this year!

The tree was a little sparse though, and, therefore, many ornaments were left in the boxes this year.

Our Advent was extremely toned down this year with no Jesse Tree or Advent calendars.  We did read Destination Bethlehem which I highly recommend.  Plus, Brian led the O Antiphons during prayer time.  And don't forget all those Christmas markets!  I think we went to 5 or 6, although I missed a couple of them.

Isn't that a perfect place for Mary?  My little grotto was another highlight of this house for me.

And just for grins, here is a picture of what each stairwell looks like.  This particular view is from the 3rd floor/main level looking up onto the 4th floor/Bobby's and master bedroom level and looking down onto the 2nd floor/office/school room level.  This is how the stairs are all the way up in the center of the house.

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