Thursday, January 29, 2009

Only Genevieve...

would tell us she hid Hannah's socks under the couch when in fact they were not there.

Only Genevieve would then tell us she hid them under the tiger and then be totally surprised when they weren't there either.

Only Genevieve would then tells us she hid the socks in the bathroom only to discover again they were not there. (At this point, I am thinking that she hid them but can't remember where she hid them which cracks me up because this is very like her.)

Only Genevieve would then tell her sister that she hid them in the trash can and run to look for them yet again. (Hannah panics at this notion, and I say, "I wouldn't worry, she's been wrong 3 times already.") Of course, they weren't in the trash either.

Only Genevieve would have claimed to hide these socks when she really didn't. We found them when Uncle Kent stood up and they fell off the chair he was sitting on. She then admits that she didn't hide them. I would just like to know what exactly goes on in this child's head!


Kristen said...

She and Mariana have SO much in common...except for the potty training thing! Too bad we can't get together!

CAM said...

Several people have commented that their second child is like Genna. Maybe it's a birth order thing? It could still be hereditary though with Genna because, as I mentioned before, it is definitely in the genes on my mom's side. :)

I wish we could have gotten together too! Maybe next October! I'll be back for my sister's wedding.