Thursday, April 23, 2009

Diverting a very determined boy... not easy! I remember reading somewhere that if you are trying to keep a child from doing something (in this case, playing in the dog water bowl), you can give them an alternative that might satisfy his curiosity and show him an appropriate place and time in which he can do that thing. So, here was my attempt at that. I gave him a bowl of clean water to splash in outside. It actually din't last too long because he dumped it out, but he had fun while it lasted. This was yesterday, and today he was still going after the dog water bowl, but perhaps with many days of trying it out in the appropriate place and time will help. Today was just too chilly outside for water play, but he did get to splash in the tub.

I still don't know what color his eyes are. I took this without his clothes on because they do seem to change based on the color he is wearing. The blue mat kind of snuck in the picture though. They kind of look green? No, maybe gray? Hazel? I don't know!

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Becca said...

sounds like he has hazel eyes, when they change based on the color he wearing (though I think on N.Am. uses hazel to mean changing eye color)

dress him in turquoise sometime, typically that color does amazing things to hazel eyes