Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Hannah and I clash more than I do with the other two, mostly because of our similarities, although not always. She is a wuss like I always was. She is stubborn like I still am. She is picky about her clothes which I still am. She is a strict safety and rule nazi like I always have been. She's a little mother (AKA bossy) to everyone smaller than her like I always have been. You get the picture!

So, she definitely gives me trouble, in particular in the morning while getting ready for school. However, I just love how she takes care of her brother and sister. I love how she is so quick to remind other kids to be quiet while her brother is sleeping. I love how she panics if I start moving the car before she has buckled the last buckle on her car seat. I love how when Genna starts to cry about something while I am taking care of Isaac in another room Hannah "deals with it" by talking to her and calming her down. I love how she tries to teach her sister and brother things and takes such pride in it. I love how smart she is and how she can memorize a book after hearing it only twice. I love how she can know exactly what happens in a book before I ever read it just by looking at the pictures. I love that she likes to cuddle now that she is older because she never did as a baby. You get the picture!


Becca said...

I love this post. So sweet. and how great it is that you are so good about noticing her strengths and weaknesses.

Anonymous said...

I love everything about her ! And miss yall greatly!!!!! Hope you are enjoying Lily and the kids- you sure are not answering the phone.