Wednesday, April 29, 2009


He really enjoyed watching out the window yesterday.

And so did someone else.


Mary said...

So glad that you all are feeling better! =) Also, is that a new cat?

Kelle said...

Oh, dear me, no! I would not take on anymore pets at this point if you paid me! The kids and the ones we have are enough for me for now! :) That is Trinity, our three-legged cat that we adopted when we first moved to NY. She was a tiny kitten and someone brought her into Brian's clinic after she had been thrown out of a car and abandoned. The nerve damage required a complete amputation of her front leg. So Brian amputated his first limb out of vet school, and while she was recovering at our house he and Hannah fell in love with her and talked me into adopting her. Of course, it was supposed to be his responsibility to clean the litter box. However, I guess I just forgot how often my husband is gone and the nasty job would fall to me. :) She is a great cat though! Very friendly!