Monday, April 20, 2009

Holly Hobbie Hannah

Another attempt to dress herself on Sunday AFTER church. It warmed up quite a bit and they needed cooler clothes to go play outside in, so I sent her upstairs to pick out her outfit. Wow! is all I have to say. She claimed to look like Holly Hobbie, if you know who that is.

Hannah had a great day today! She went back to school after being out for two weeks for spring/Easter break. She had so much fun! I put a note in her lunch box since she is learning to read that said "Mom loves Hannah" and a bunny shaped green marshmallow. She told me last week while we were at the grocery store that her best friend's mom puts a big pink marshmallow in her lunch box everyday. So I let her pick out some fun marshmallows. So when I picked her up she was out on the playground, and she was out of breath and covered in sand and dirt which I have to say is very unusual for her to be so dirty. I she says, "Mom, I saw the surprise you left in my lunch box. And um I did like it, but everyone else in the whole class had candy or chocolate in their lunch boxes!" I asked why the marshmallow didn't count as candy and she said it just wasn't the same. However, as we talked it turned out that she has adopted my flare for exaggeration, and her best friend still had the same marshmallow and no candy. The whole conversation was quite funny to me, mostly because she just seems so much older than her little petite body in which she resides. Earlier she asked me a question and added at the end, "So what's the deal, Mom?" Such a drama queen!

After her reading lesson this afternoon, Hannah wanted to learn to tie a bow. I had made this cardboard thing to teach her when her fascination with tying things first arose. At the time, however, she wasn't interested in learning the correct way. She wanted to do it her own way. So I had put this away for later. Today she remembered it and asked me to teach her. So twenty minutes later, she was tying bows!!!! I was so very proud of her! We just did one step at a time and then practiced the whole thing several times. Then I had to go get Genna up from her nap, and I came back to a bow that only needed a little tightening done completely by herself without me even reminding her of the steps! Way to go Hannah! Now I guess we need tennis shoes that tie. I always take the easy way out with the Velcro! She is so excited to show her daddy all that she is learning while he's away! Look how proud she was!

We polished nails this evening and while I put Isaac to bed, Genna's were drying, and so Hannah got out her lesson book and was teaching Genna to read. It was adorable! She sounded like Mini-Me again!

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