Saturday, April 4, 2009

There's a new rider in town!

Genna has asked for a tricycle for her birthday. I hate to always be giving her hand me downs from Hannah, so I figure this isn't unreasonable even though Hannah really should be moving to a bike with training wheels soon. Isaac can always use them when he grows up. He gets a lot of new stuff since he is the first boy and all. Anyway, she hopped on Hannah's today and wowed me since it is only the second time she has even tried it because we've all been in hibernation over here with all the snow and cold since October at least. Before that she couldn't reach the peddles.

I guess those big beautiful eyes of hers are a little more sensitive than most. It wasn't that sunny! But then again we haven't seen the sun in so long that it takes a while to get used to it!

Hannah felt left out, as she often does, and wanted a picture of her on her trike too. Every time I call Genna a term of endearment, Hannah quickly insists that I never call her things like that even though it is totally untrue. I call all three of them a whole myriad of endearing names. She only notices things when someone else gets them. I can't imagine from where that trait came (ashamedly covering my face)!

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