Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is risen indeed! Alleluia! Alleluia!

We had a difficult day today because the girls are really missing their daddy. Genna, in particular, has a hard time at Mass since that is a time he is always with us when he isn't traveling. Bless her heart, today was her hardest day. Tomorrow's a new day!

I got better pictures today of them individually or with just two of them, but here is the one I got of all three of them.

I love this expression on Hannah. I was trying to talk her into joining the photos.

Obviously, it worked!
Isaac is such a cutie pie! He wasn't much for smiling though.

"Call me Cue Ball, and I'll drop kick you."

Genna and Isaac together- I just got way too many cute ones of these two together before Hannah would join the fun!

Genevieve was in a picture mood...

We got WAY too much candy! Look at my biggest stock pot! Some of this is left over candy, but most is new. People came out of the woodwork to give my kids candy! The flowers came from church. They were giving away the decorations. On our Lenten Calendar (in the background), Jesus is risen and the stone rolled away. Plus, the Alleluia is displayed in yellow too. (By the way, our grass did grow, but you can't see it well in this picture. I was thinking it was a flop until Saturday night when I saw some grass in our Bowl of Earth. New life!)

Spring pictures are coming too, but not tonight! I am off to bed!

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