Saturday, April 4, 2009


That is how Genna says "Sure." She always sounds like she is stopped up or something, making the S's into D's. It makes me smile every time she says it to me though. Even though she is generally a laid back, fairly obedient girl, today was an exceptionally obedient day for her. I heard, "Sure" or "Yes, Mom" a million times today, and it was immediate and with a joyful spirit! It is such a moral booster to have these kinds of days!

My sweetheart, Genevieve, does have a perpetual problem with breaking things though. Bless her heart! My mom calls her a bull in a china closet, and she is. My clone, Hannah, is so gentle and careful, but not Genna! So today she was playing with Hannah's kid chopsticks that she got in her stocking from St. Nicholas, and, yes, she snapped them right in half. I don't know how. I just got this tap on the shoulder and she sadly informed me of their demise. I (the overly dramatic one) put my hand to my mouth and said, "Ooh noo!" because I could already see the tears flowing from Hannah who probably didn't even know Genna had them in the first place. My reaction caused Genna to burst into tears with a string of I'm so sorry's and I didn't mean to's. I picked her up and was cuddling her as I was explaining as fast as I could to the now curious Hannah that I would find her new ones. Hannah just huffed and turned around and walked away. (Not what I was expecting, mind you.) I then told Genna that the thing that would probably make her (Genna, who's still so upset about what she did) feel better would be to apologize to her sister and tell her that I would get her new ones. This is how that went...

Genna: (still sniffling and crying a bit) Hannah, I am so sorry I broke it! Mom said she is going to get you a new one. I don't feel good right now. Mom said that this would make me feel not sad anymore.

Hannah: (flatly and without sympathy for her clearly very sincerely sorry sister) I don't want a new one. I want the same one I already had.

Genna: (already running to me, wailing again) Mommy, I do not feel any better!

Internally, this just cracked me up, but externally, I called Hannah over to explain how she should respond to her sister. All is well now!

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Becca said...

This cracked me up! Almost spit out the milk in my mouth! Sounds like she has such a truly genuine heart to please...when she wanted so badly for Isaac to laugh at her too!