Friday, April 10, 2009

The Rest of the Visit

Isaac has had a HARD week! His worse ever, to be more precise. He is waiting on these teeth and he wins the award for My Worst Teether! He has cried every time I have walked away from him with very few exceptions, and this is just not like him. He normally plays very happily by himself. He's taken three 30 minute naps everyday until today (which might just have been a catch up day). I hope this is over soon! He just feels rotten. Bless his heart!

Can't you tell that he doesn't feel good? (BTW, he is wearing 2T shorts, and they fit great, just a tad long!)

He's getting up on his hands and feet more often now. And he is waving too, when I say "Hi."

The girls all had a great time with their friends playing dress up, swimming (we went again on Thursday,) watching movies, and playing outside (although not enough time spent outside in this beautiful and RARE weather, in my opinion). I got to go out to dinner in downtown Kaiserslautern with friends (and no kids). And last night, I took just the girls to Holy Thursday Mass. My friend watched Isaac and got him in bed on time for me since the service started at 7pm. It was nice to be able to spend good time with them on my favorite Mass of the year. Holy Thursday Mass was the very first Mass I ever attended!

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