Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Bruges, Belgium

We had a great time in Belgium! The hotel was super hot with it being so warm lately and no A/C, of course. We all got a bunch of mosquito bites as well. Here is a mini photo album of our trip...

Waffles are a specialty in Belgium. Here we are enjoying them!

Riding the canals is a big thing here too. I love the swans and the breeze was great to cool us off a bit. I thought the kids would love this, but after about 5 minutes they were not paying much attention.

We did more sightseeing and shopping, of course! We got tons of truffles and chocolates. I got my sweetheart of a husband some of his favorite beer for when he comes home next month for his little visit. My absolute favorite thing was seeing and touching the relic of the Holy Blood of Christ in the Basilica of the Holy Blood. We walked in at just the right time and it was so amazing! Such grace and peace!

This statue (in the background) is in the Market Square which is where our hotel was located, and we ate our first dinner in the square as well. This little guy had just about had it with sitting since we had been in the car and stroller for most of the day. So, I actually had to sneak out with him and hang out while we waited for the food to arrive. He ended up falling asleep on me when the food did come which was probably a good thing. You can tell he is tired in the picture.

Speaking of Isaac, he learned a few new things on our trip. He started saying, "Thank you," signing "Please," and pointing to my nose. Way to go, Buddy!

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