Friday, July 17, 2009

Irish Dance Camp

This week the girls went to Irish Dance Camp and had a blast. They were the two youngest since the class technically started at 4 years. Genna did not quite get the steps down, but she had fun trying! Her report card said she did listen well which, frankly, was a shocker to me! (I have to repeat myself 30 times sometimes to make my voice heard in her world.) Hannah got the steps and jumps pretty well and wears quite the proud smile when she does it. She has trouble keeping her arms down straight by her side though. She got an excellent report as well. Tonight was the Ceili which is an Irish dance party. Everyone dances together and the girls were very overwhelmed and not getting most of the steps. It was cute to watch. Genna was pretty much just jumping and Hannah was just not fast enough for the big girls. I was glad to see the smiles on their faces though! I really hope to continue this in classes while we are still over here where it is offered.

Here they are before their first class.

Here is the Ceili.

Isaac was enamored with the dancing. He would stare and then when everyone clapped he would smile from ear to ear and clap too. Here he is watching them.

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