Monday, July 27, 2009

The king of the castle is back!

(Picture above is of Brian showing the kids a least until Isaac smashed it to pieces.)

At least he is the king of our little castle! Brian got back today and is home for 15 more days! It is so great to have my husband home; I can not even begin to tell you! It has been about seven and a half months since we’ve seen him. The girls were stuck to him like glue all day. If he so much as went to the bathroom, they were asking where he was and if they could go. Genna kept saying, “But I don’t want my daddy to leave!” Bless her heart. She just doesn’t understand this at all.

Brian took them to the Backeri first thing when I got brought him home from the airport this morning. Then we went to the lake that is down the road from our house with a picnic lunch. It was a lot of fun! Isaac ate quite a bit of sand despite all my attempts to keep it out of his mouth. I just could not figure it out; he didn’t like the taste but he kept on putting it in there and then trying to spit it out. Not the brightest boy on the beach! He loved getting all covered in the wet sand and splashing around. He was a mess!

How did Hannah do with this reunion? First she surprised me by putting on her tennis shoes without complaining about how they feel. She really wanted to impress her dad. Then we were all dressed and ready to go to the lake and we were just waiting on Isaac to wake up from his nap so we could head out. The girls were both asking every five seconds when we were leaving. When they were told we were waiting on Isaac to wake up, Hannah replies, “Well, mom doesn’t have to go. She can stay with Isaac.” Ouch.

How did Genevieve do with the daddy she has missed so much? She would not let him out of her sight! At dinner, she told him the funniest sweetest thing ever, “Daddy, in my bed, I am going to pray inside my face for you because you are the most wonderful daddy ever!” It took me a second to figure out that she meant “pray inside her head,” as in silent prayer. I am laughing even now! What a character she is!

How did the little guy do with his daddy? He took to Brian so quickly. He rode on his shoulders at the lake, hung out with him outside while I cooked dinner (Spaghetti Carbanara, Brian’s favorite,) and was even giving him cuddles and hugs.

And me? I feel like we are newlyweds on our honeymoon, except for all the kids! LOL! I just can not believe he is really here and that he has to leave again!

***Still no internet at home, I am just typing posts at home and publishing them, post-dated, whenever I am near a connection. They are supposed to come to fix it this week sometime.


Joe & Amy said...

How long have you been in Germany? I was there with my husband from 2006-2008. My husband worked at Landstuhl.

Do you attend Mass at Ramstein? You look really familiar to me and I am wondering if we crossed paths when we were there.

My email is pandabear@

God bless!

Kristen said...

I am so happy for you guys...I almost cried! And what a blessing that the kids took to Brian so well. When my dad came back from Vietnam (after 18 months...can you imagine?) my sisters were scared of him. Enjoy your time with him. Many blessings!

Almudena said...

Yay! I'm happy to hear the Smith Family is all under the same roof!! How exciting!!!

Anonymous said...

glad Brian is home!!!! Enjoy every moment!!! Hug him for me!Love,

Beth said...

So happy for you guys!!! Enjoy each other! I be praying for fun & safe travels :-)