Friday, July 17, 2009


Isaac LOVES games, all kinds of games! Whereas, the girls would drag a book over and plop in my lap wanting me to read it to them, Isaac hops in my lap and starts trying to ride a little horsey by bouncing up and down or makes the noise that I make when I tickle him trying to get me to chase and tickle him. He loves peekaboo with blankets over his head that all babes love. He loves to play chase with Hannah, crawling style, and he loves dancing when the girls are dancing around him. He also loves to get dizzy. He either shakes his head or spins around on the floor to get dizzy.

He is now trying to say "around and around" too. It sounds more like "Row row" (the ow as in cow). I can't believe he's almost a year! He's getting his sixth, seventh, and eighth teeth in this week. I am in the midst of weaning him slowly too. He is down to 2 nursings a day now. My baby's growing up. Why do they have to do that?

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