Monday, July 20, 2009

To Heidelberg we go...

Saturday, we took my mom to Heidelberg to do a little shopping and grab lunch. She really wanted to go there last summer when my dad and she visited, but I woke up contracting pretty good that morning and was afraid to go that far. Little did I know the little stinker had no intention of coming out on time, much less a couple weeks early!

Back to our day trip, the weather was less than perfect, drizzling and raining on and off. I had some excellent Kase Spaetzle that Isaac enjoyed as well. We shopped until the kids dropped. Just kidding! It really wasn’t that long. We got ice cream for the kids in the group at the end of the trip.

Here a cute little girl jumped in our photo. How funny!

The two girls were eating ice cream in their rain coats. Isaac did not like the rain cover at all! He got very upset and tried to rip it off until I gave up and took it off. I guess it wasn't raining hard enough anyways.

This was Isaac right before he crashed. This look says, "I am serious and sleepy. Don't mess with me."

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Renee said...

Hopping over for a visit from Waltzing Matilda, I had to leave you a note to mention just how touched I am with the reason for the title of your blog. Great to meet you. Precious children. Lovely family. God bless! :-)