Saturday, July 25, 2009

First Step

In the last few days, my big boy has been standing up from the middle of the floor (without furniture to help.) My mom tried the whole time she was here to get him to walk, but with the exception of one attempt he would not even try once you let go of his hands. However, yesterday (the day my mom left) we were outside on our patio and he stood up and I encouraged him to take a step toward me. And he did it! Just one step and he felt unsteady and sat down, but it was so deliberate and perfect! The funny thing is that our patio is where Genna finally started really walking because it is such a rough surface that it scratches up those tender crawling knees. He was doing a lot of bear crawling, but he still had a bunch of scratches all over his legs. He is way tougher than his sisters though! No complaints, he just started finding ways to try to avoid scratching his knees up.

He is learning new words and sounds all the time. He says, “Out out” for “Outside,” and “Tick tick” for “Tickle,” one of his favorite games. He has also started shaking his head and saying either, “No no” or “Uh uh.” Thankfully, he is using this to describe a “No no” instead of telling me “No.” He loves to copy the sounds I make, and so I make up sounds for different things in the books we read to encourage this. He is enjoying books a lot more recently which is exciting! And his 8th tooth broke through this week. I am praying for a break from teething for a while.

Isaac is just such a joy! He is a very cuddly little boy, and loves to give hugs and pats. I can’t wait for his daddy to see and hold him again! He’s so different from the 4 month old that his daddy last held!

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