Sunday, July 5, 2009

Patriotic Kids

Here are my Red, White, and Blue Sweeties!

We had people over for the 4th. Hot dad says you can't have an Independence Day without them! When in Germany, brats are a must too. Since I have yet to learn to use the grill, a friend of mine did the grilling.

I also made these Martha Stewart inspired patriotic desserts, but Hannah pointed out that they did not look exactly like the ones in the magazine. Apparently, the proportions of sorbet to ice cream were off a bit. That's my perfectionist for you!

Then we went to the firework festivities. Isaac stayed home with Mimi so he didn't miss his bedtime. The girl's got their face painted. I did Hannah's since they were about to close it down while Genna was getting her's done. Then we played a couple games and headed to the funnel cake line. Two hours later...The fireworks are well underway and we finally get our funnel cake. Why wait in line that long for a funnel cake? I really wanted that funnel cake.

What did the girls think about the fireworks? Hannah said, "God must be doing something!" Genna said after the first good bang, "I think I want them to stop now."

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