Sunday, July 19, 2009

My Brokedown Castle

Everything is breaking in our house these days. First, the computer’s motherboard went kaput and we got a new one. However, it took two weeks to get the monitor to work with the new computer (because of my ignorance, I am ashamed to say). Then my internet went down and we are still awaiting a new antenna. (Oh, how I miss cable modems!) I am posting from elsewhere at the moment to catch up. Then my precious sewing machine totally died right in the middle of a very important project!!! I am heartbroken. The next day, I went to longingly look at the American sewing machines. I was trying to rationalize buying one on the spot when a lady walked up and told me that the American sewing machines ultimately die when used with a transformer because the timing of the needle is not in sync with the bobbin. This explains why I have been having so much trouble with it lately! But this creates a huge dilemma for me since we are only living in Germany for one more year. It would be a waste of money to buy a German one and it would be a bad idea to ruin another American one. I am mourning the loss of my Singer!

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Beth said...

Uhhggg, that really is a bummer! Can you find a used German one? It really sounds like sewing is a BIG part of your life. 1 year is a long time without one but I hate to waste money too!