Monday, July 16, 2012

Aminal Sightings

The kids love animals!  I mentioned in my other post how much of their play in New Mexico revolved around bugs.  They were thrilled when the first night we got there Daddy led them to their bedroom window to show them our first visitor, a doe.

See the deer right above Batman's head!

The next day they found a grouse and her babies.  They followed them up to the road and across it.

The mother grouse was trying to distract us from her babies by making these beautiful sounds as the babies scattered.
There were tons of butterflies.  The kids chased them with butterfly nets.  I am thankful they never caught any because they would surely have injured it like the millions of poor moths they caught.

A butterfly

The family of ducks are in the river swimming upstream.  They are right under the tree in the picture.

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