Friday, July 27, 2012

More handmade baby gifts

There has been a string of baby boys among my friends and family, but finally we have a girl on the way.  I heard this baby girl is destined to wear cloth diapers.  So I made her an embellished burp cloth (not shown) and a diaper cover that I found here.  This is specifically to cover cloth diapers and provide extra absorption.  The outside is made of felted wool for this purpose.  The inside is soft fabric matching with the appliqued cupcake. (The lone cupcake on the bum looks a little like a tree unfortunately.)  Drew modeled it for me to make sure it was functional.  I didn't tell him it was for  a girl.

 You can't see the Velcro band in the front very well in these pictures, but I made it adjustable so it will fit her sooner than 10 months.

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