Wednesday, July 11, 2012

A dog eat dog world

Isaac is such a boy.  He loves his weapons, pirates, knights, and super heros.  (Just the other day he saw an over-sized zucchini and thought it was a club.)  You may know this about him, and you may also know what a huge hugger and cuddler he is.  He has spontaneous bursts that cause him to hug the closest person to him.  This often ends in screams from Drew if he happens to be that closest person since Drew is not into this hugging business.  Well this time his spontaneous hugging has ended up in even more trouble than just screams from his brother. This time he hugged the closest living being, which happened to be my parents' new dog who had very recently been neutered by Brian.  Isaac suddenly hugged the dog from behind and startled him.  I was bathing Drewy in the kitchen sink when I heard the bark and the subsequent screams.  I grabbed the soaking wet baby out of the sink and ran.  He was bit on the face, but thank God it was a small, clean bite through his lower lip.  It could have been much worse, and I have looked upon his cheeks a hundred times since this happen and thanked God it wasn't on his precious cheeks.

One tooth right through the lip
See how small it is.  I am so thankful!
We went up to the ER, but decided not to stay when we heard about the 8 hour wait.  Instead we detoured to the pharmacy and picked up supplies to fix him up at home. We are keeping watch for infection.